Monday, May 2, 2011

MAME's LD-V1000 isn't so great after all..

So after my LD-V1001 apparently stopped working, I decided to use MAME's emulated LD-V1000 to discover some specific LD-V1000 behaviors during error conditions. For example, if I seek to a frame that can't be found and then issue a play command once it has returned an error, from where does the LD-V1000 start playing (if at all)?

Unfortunately, it seems that the MAME emulation for the LD-V1000 is not that great. For one thing, during disc spin-up it alternates between status codes 0x64 and 0x58 and I verified on my real LD-V1001 (when it used to actually work) then during spin-up it would display solid 0x64's.

I also tried to simulate a search error by telling it to search to frame 79999 (which didn't exist) yet somehow the search succeeded in MAME. I can't really say what would happen on a real LD-V1000 but I am assuming that the search would fail with an error.

I suppose I don't necessarily need to know about all the error conditions, since Dexter (in theory) should never get errors when working properly. But it would make me sleep a little better at night.

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