Saturday, April 30, 2011

How hard would it be to create schematics for rare laserdisc hardware?

This morning I've been trying to fix bugs in my LD-V1000 interpreter so I decided to build the latest MAME and use Visual Studio's debugger to observe some key LD-V1000 behaviors that I am curious about. (MAME emulates the LD-V1000 whereas DAPHNE just simulates it, so MAME may be a good point of reference)

In process of doing this, I started looking at MAME's Esh's Aurunmilla driver which is based (entirely?) off of DAPHNE's since no schematics are available and getting access to real PCBs is difficult.

Well, it got me to thinking... next time we have access to an Esh's PCB (hehe), why can't we create our own schematics for it? At the very least, figure out what these unknown Z80 ports are hooked up to inside the DAPHNE (and by extension MAME) drivers.

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