Thursday, April 28, 2011

All hardware on the PCB tested and working

After reflowing some solder connections, I successfully tested the PCB (with all hardware installed) on my Dragon's Lair. The Dragon's Lair booted up properly and ran through the attract mode. Which means all the onboard hardware is working!

  • 5V Power Working
  • 14.7456MHz crystal working
  • ISP pins working
  • AVR working
  • LM1881 working
  • BNC port working
  • LED working
  • LD-V1000 working
  • MAX3232 IC working
  • DB9 port working
That means that I can turn my attention to getting a second revision of the PCB drafted, getting the media server up and running on the BeagleBoard, and working on the web server. I can tell you right now that the first two choices are much more fun than the third. :)

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