Monday, April 4, 2011

rev 01b

I've hooked up the video input and output ports. I decided to use BNC plugs for now because a) the LD-V1000 has a BNC output, and b) trying to mount RCA jacks on PCBs seems hard, and c) I already had a pre-canned BNC plug part so I felt the chances of success were greater.

The bottom image is the "gerber" representation. This is what gets sent off to the PCB fabrication house to be err.. fabricated :) Unless I can see (or someone else can see) a defect in my design, I'm pretty much ready to send this thing off and see what happens. My expectations should be that it won't work but that I need to go through this step in order to get a good design. It will cost about $32 to make one of these and take 3 weeks. Does anyone else want one? :)

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