Monday, May 9, 2011

Got the "hello world" GLES2 program build on Beagleboard

I got the "hello world" GLES2 program build on Beagleboard and working. All it does is displays a yellow triangle against a blue background, but it successfully demonstrates how to use the shaders and setup geometry for the Beagleboard's hardware.

I ported my test program over and it isn't quite working yet; it just displays a black window, but at least it is displaying a window! :)

Also I took my beagleboard over to my mom's house to show it off to my family and discovered that the beagleboard's HDMI port does not seem to work with HDTV's; in other words, it seems to only work with computer monitors that support DVI.

From now on all further attempts to show off the beagleboard will be done via the s-video port

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