Monday, May 16, 2011

Super don hardware tested, not working properly

Warren tested his super don boardset with the dexter PCB and the dexter PCB seems to be receiving commands from the sdq boardset just fine. However, the sdq boardset does not seem to be receiving the status from the dexter PCB properly. I was able to come to this conclusion by comparing the dexter PCB logs with daphne logs, assuming that daphne's ld-v1000 I/O is correct (which it probably is since the game works). I modified the logs slightly so they would match up in Beyond Compare and then created this screenshot.

In the daphne logs, the sdq ROM program seeks to a frame and then issues the play command, having seen that the seek was successful. However, on the real hardware, the program seeks to the frame, then does a new seek to a position 2 frames later. This suggests that it thinks that the first seek was not successful.

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