Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Made progress on GLES2 for Beagleboard

I wrote a tiny OpenGL test program that uses a simple vertex and fragment shader. I verified that it works on Windows (heh) and got this compiled/linked on the beagleboard but attempting to run it gave an SDL error saying that the GLX context could not be created. I actually have no idea whether SDL can be used for OpenGL on the beagleboard. I'm currently looking for simple OpenGL examples for beagleboard but they are surprisingly hard to find. In fact, I am having an unsually difficult time finding example code _anywhere_ for how to do GLES2 which is shocking since as far as I know, it is the standard on both iphone and android.

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  1. Matt have a look at forum. OpenPandora use almost the same hardware as original Beagle