Monday, May 16, 2011

Made more GLES2 progress

I spent quite of time (pretty much most of Saturday) integrating my GLES2 work into the dexter media server. I got stuck for quite a while on simple coding errors which are hard to find because GLES2/OpenGL is usually quite difficult to debug. If your screen is blank when it should be showing something, all you can do is start experimenting until you hopefully find the problem.

So I finally got everything working on regular desktop OpenGLv2 (which is mostly compatible with GLES2). I then had to spend quite a bit of time getting my unit tests building (again) under linux as I had only been maintaining them under windows.

After all that, I finally tested it on the Beagleboard and it gives me a blank screen _and_ locks up when I try to show my first image. *grumble* Oh well, at least I am closer than I was.

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