Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two mysterious packages have arrived!

It's like Christmas morning! :)

The rough inventory:
- A sparkfun newbie starter kit with breadboard (yay!)
- Atmel AVR mega328 (VLDP-HW)
- MAX232 serial port chip (VLDP-HW)
- some resistors, capacitors and LEDs (whatever these are.. lol)
- little power supply
- LD-V1000 female connector (VLDP-HW)
- two female RCA jacks (VLDP-HW)
- TC7662 voltage convertor (Disk ][)
- LM1881N NTSC/PAL video sync separator (VLDP-HW)

Most of this stuff is to help me prototype my VLDP-HW interface. I did get the voltage convertor to help with my Disk ][ project since the Disk ][ stupidly needs -12V and +12V. I hope it works...

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