Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Compact VBI code has replaced VBI lookup code

I've replaced my VBI lookup code with my VBI compact code. The lookup code uses a lot of memory but is able to quickly find the track/field that houses any picture number (aka frame number) on the disc. This is what I was using for the latest dev version of DAPHNE, but since the AVR only has 2k, I needed a different method so I wrote the VBI compact stuff. I've decided I don't want to maintain two separate methods so I am dumping the lookup code in favor of the compact code and making sure all my unit tests are still passing. A few aren't which means I've got a few bugs. Thank goodness for unit tests.
But carefully debugging this stuff isn't exactly the fun part and I am looking forward to finishing this so I can move on to seeing something interesting happen with my real Dragon's Lair machine.

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