Monday, March 7, 2011

Seventeen Microzine games saved

Thanks to a few friends who have sent me 5.25" floppies in the mail, I have now recovered seventeen Microzine games. It's surprising how readable the floppies were considering they are 25 years old! Some of my personal favorites were Microzine #9 (the Big Nap) and Microzine #8 (Zazoo Come Home). I played these relentlessly when I was in 6th grade. Great memories.

The disk images are downloadable here.

You can play these using an Apple 2 emulator such as AppleWin or KEGS.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for putting these treasures out on the web for the world to enjoy! Escape from antcatraz was one of my favorites. But 'Zazoo come home' has a special place in my vault of happy childhood memories (googled it and brought me here) I ask friends from childhood but no one remembers Mircozine games. All anyone cares about is Number Munchers and Oregon Trail, those can played at but microzine games...GOLD!