Thursday, May 2, 2013

So much progress made today on Dexter

Today I:
- updated dexter firmware to support new LDP-1450 command set (including text overlay)
- updated dexter viewer software to also support text overlay
- basically cracked serious pate left and right

Unfortunately, when the moment of truth came (me testing dexter with Dragon's Lair 2), I discovered that I had not implemented a command that Dragon's Lair 2 was trying to send.  So now I need to get Dragon's Lair 2 working in Daphne again (I temporarily broke it while re-writing the sony command interpreter hee hee) and then all should be well.  Plus, DL2 apparently spams 00 to the serial port in Daphne, not sure if the real machine did this also, which is kinda curious (I can of course ignore it).

So tomorrow I hopefully will have some video showing off Dexter running Dragon's Lair 2 :)

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