Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How are we supposed to get this dish washer out?

So yesterday we demolished (hehe) our counter tops in preparation to have new granite ones installed.  Along the way, I noticed that the previous owners had installed some tile on top of the old linoleum floor which effectively had "walled" the dish washer into place (they also did the same thing with our toilets).  So before we have the granite counter tops installed tomorrow, I just want to make sure that we are going to be able to get this dish washer out in case we want to replace it some day.  Does anyone with some experience know the typical way to install/remove dish washers?  It appears that the dish washer is designed to go behind the lip of the counter to keep it secure so does it have some way to reduce its height if one wants to remove it?  And if we do want to remove it, are we going to need to destroy some tile to get it out?

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  1. It probably has adjustable feet, so if you shorten it and put it on some plywood that is at least as tall as the tile, it should slide out later if need be. Mine has screws to secure it to the underside of the counter, and the counter does not have a lip that would keep it from sliding out. Hopefully yours is similar...