Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dragon's Lair 2 working with Dexter (including text overlay) !

I'm finally ready to release this update to the Dexter firmware!  To test Dragon's Lair 2, I modified Daphne to communicate with a real serial port (instead of an emulated one).  I then had the real serial port connected to the DB25 port on the Dexter board (as pictured).  Note that I am correctly using the null modem adapter!  

So Daphne is emulating Dragon's Lair 2 (except for the laserdisc player) and Dexter is emulating the laserdisc player.  It is working except for picture stop codes being ignored (which is currently unimplemented in Dexter but I guess I need to get wookin' on that!).

This will still need to be tested on real Dragon's Lair 2 hardware!


  1. Hi Matt,
    Can't imagine you are short on testers but if you are, Mike will help you out. Send me an email and I'll reacquaint you if needed.
    He's got every laserdisc game there is, working.

  2. hi Trev,

    I hope to test on Mike's collection at some point. At the moment I don't have any hardware to send to you or him but I definitely will keep you guys in mind.