Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My "ultimate" pseudo-veggie shake

Ok, here is my fine-tuned pseudo-veggie shake recipe (I say pseudo because it is mostly fruit hehehe).  But it tastes great!

- 1 banana (120 g)
- 1 scoop (36 g) of CytoSport chocolate protein powder (you can get a huge bag of this at Costco)
- 50 g of spinach leaves
- 100 g of fresh strawberries
- A little bit of water (like half of a cup) so it will blend

Blend that all together and consume.  Tastes great, you can hardly taste the spinach due to the strawberries and banana.

Nutrition facts:
289 calories
30 g protein
40 g carbs
2 g fat

Conclusion: tasty and healthy :)

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