Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mad Dog McCree working with Dexter

Warren hooked up the latest Dexter firmware to his Mad Dog McCree hardware.

Dexter was running in LDP-1450 mode, which is the player used by Mad Dog.

I made a few test tweaks to Warren's firmware which was to make the latency between commands extra long to try to troubleshoot some issues.  I also made all seeks take 1 second.  You can see both reflected in this clip:
1 - any time you see the video pause for 1 second, it is waiting for a seek to finish
2 - any time you see video overrun, it is likely due to the extra long latency (there's also a chance it is due to Warren's fake VBI data)

I hope to get some time soon with my real LDP-1450 to do some precise timing of what the actual latency should be (the programming manual suggests that perhaps it should be 20 ms from reception of a command to the acknowledgement of the command).

Also, you will notice that there is a problem with the audio which makes it noticeably laggy.  I will have to look into this later after I get the other issues resolved.

At any rate, with just a few fixes, this game should be fully working with Dexter!

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