Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fully automated Dexter setup inside my Dragon's Lair

So the USB flash drive I purchased seems to be working perfectly.  I think we have a winner!

I hooked it up to my cabinet in the garage and let my kids play it.  My oldest son is the same age that I was when I first saw the game which is making me feel _very_ nostalgic!


  1. Nice!! Does the text stay in the upper corner of
    the screen or is that only there during testing?
    I definitely am interested in this for my
    Cliff Hanger, SDQ, DL and SA projects.
    I would also like to build a "Time Gal/ Ninja Hayate"
    cabinet as well.using a Raspberry Pi.

  2. The text is only there for testing. It will not be present in the final release :)

    As for Time Gal and Ninja Hayate, no one that I know of has ever found ROMs, discs, or schematics for those games :(

  3. Well done Matt, nice to see your time efforts finally paying off.
    I was wondering, I have a dedicated SA that has the combo rom set with switch so that I can play both games. I have a SA disc as well as a anniversary DL disc and I switch between the two quite often. This is just a matter of switching usb sticks?

  4. Yes, one would just switch USB sticks.