Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Evaluating USB flash drive for use with Dexter

Dexter is getting close to being available to public (yes, really!).

As part of hurrying to finish this effort, I need to decide what kind of USB flash drive to include with Dexter (I am leaning against putting everything on the SD card due to reliability issues).

I purchased a Sandisk Ultra USB v3.0 flash drive (16 gig) which claims to be able to read 80 megabytes/second and I am going to try it out in my Dragon's Lair cabinet soon to see how the performance is.  It only cost $12 so it is a good option to keep costs down for Dexter customers :)

Here is a benchmark I ran on it (using USB v2.0 interface, so the max speed is bottlenecked by the bus limitation).  It seems to choke when reading smaller chunks than 64kb at a time which shouldn't be a problem.

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