Thursday, June 26, 2014

Dexter rev3 pricing announced (AND PROTOTYPES FOR SALE)!

Last updated: 9 June 2015 (updated status of Dexter's compatibility)

At CAX 2011, during my presentation, I told the crowd that I estimated that Dexter's final price would be about $400.  After talking to the company that is going to manufacturer the Dexter boards, I am pleased to announce that we are able to offer Dexter for a lower price than the initial estimate if it is bought in bulk.

The prices as of now will be:
$399 for 1 Dexter complete package*
$374/each for 2 Dexter complete packages
$349/each for 3 Dexter complete packages
$324/each for 4+ Dexter complete packages

I've signed a deal with Digital Leisure, the copyright holder of many laserdisc games, to distribute their titles with Dexter!  Here are the prices:

Dragon’s Lair $19.99
Space Ace $19.99
Dragon’s Lair 2: Time Warp $19.99
Dragon’s Lair Trilogy [DL/SA/DL2] $39.99
Mad Dog McCree $12.99
Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold $12.99
The Last Bounty Hunter  $12.99
Crime Patrol  $12.99
Crime Patrol 2 : Drug Wars  $12.99
Who Shot Johnny Rock  $12.99
Fast Draw Showdown  $12.99
Old West 3-Pack  [Mad Dog 1, Mad Dog 2, Bounty Hunter] $28.99
Crime Fighter 3-Pack  [Crime Patrol 1 & 2, Johnny Rock] $28.99
Time Traveler  $9.99
Thayer’s Quest  $9.99

NOTE : These laserdisc images will be copy protected!

In addition, I am currently manufacturing (and negotiating further manufacturing for) a small number of prototype rev3 boards to do the final testing to make sure we can clearly communicate to customers exactly what this board is going to be able to do at launch.

We are going to offer these prototype complete packages for $350 each (limit 1 per customer unless there are a bunch of extras).  Here is the scoop about the prototypes:

  • They may have very minor design defects but this is very unlikely at this stage (this is at least the 4th iteration of the current design).
  • I cannot offer refunds, only help in fixing problems.  However, previous prototype runs have been very successful, and there are many youtube videos showing the prototypes in action (which I can link to if anyone has a concern) including videos of Firefox, Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and Thayer's Quest in action.
  • Use this spreadsheet to see exactly what player types and games are currently supported.  Additional player types MAY work in the future with firmware updates that we provide (we plan on this but cannot guarantee it.  what you see today is what you get today.)
  • I will pre-install certain licensed laserdisc images for the prices listed above.
* Complete package: Includes 1 Dexter board, 1 Raspberry Pi, 1 USB flash drive, 1 SD card, 1 Raspberry Pi <-> Dexter connector cable, 1 RCA cable, 1 3.5mm audio cable, and 1 5V power supply.  Licensed laserdisc images will be pre-installed!

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