Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dexter rev3 : FEAST YER EYES (spoken with Scottish accent)

Dexter rev3 is ready!  I've ordered 6 PCBs from oshpark.com for testing.  If all goes well, I will start taking orders and mass produce these things.  I have cut it really close as it is 17 June so there is no guarantee that I will have enough time to get the board back from oshpark.com and be able to get it assembled in time for CAX on 12 July, but I am going do my best!

While it is probably difficult to judge, this represents a massive improvement over Dexter rev1 and rev2 and is quite a bit smaller in size than rev2.  I crammed the parts as tightly as I possibly could.  There are still some empty spaces but this was definitely a growing experience for me.

I am very excited!

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