Thursday, February 6, 2014

Testing response performance of solid state relay

So in my last blog post, I tested how responsive passing CSYNC was when passed through two open collector NAND gates.  As you may have noticed, there was some delay due to the pull-up resistors we were using.  So last night, I decided to test out how responsive passing CSYNC through a solid state relay would be.  I did have a couple of extra solid state relays from when Dexter rev2 was built, but unfortunately, they are surface mount, so they are not very bread board friendly.

I decided to try to solder wires to the legs of the relay since it only has 4 legs.

My first attempt was disastrous because I used too thick of wires and it broke off one of the legs.  Fortunately, I had two of these things!

My second attempt involved using much thinner wire, soldered to the thick stuff, and then inserted in the bread board.  It worked, although it did take me a VERY LONG time to get the wires soldered to the legs.

The big question is, how did it perform?

Very well!  In fact, even capturing at the maximum stable frequency, I was not able to see any lag from the source CSYNC and the CSYNC signal coming out of the relay.

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