Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Star Rider 19 Feb 2014

Now this is some exciting progress :)


  1. Hello, Matt:
    My name is Joseba Epalza. In the last year, i'm working on emulator in Freebasic code (yes, "BASIC" source code....) and did make so many advance on it. (does you remember ""? ;-) )
    In you progress, you must use PIA port "CBD0: EXPANDER + BACKGROUND ON/OFF --> "0=ON" "3=OFF" in order to get video background expand 2x. From this way, th road goes double of his size, and the motorcycles run well into road.
    If you need any of help said me, and with my source code, and your source code, maybe "look the light into the cavern"

  2. thanks, I have responded on the forum :)