Friday, April 8, 2016

New Dexter update (more robust on unexpected error)

I've pushed out an update via Dexter Manager that makes Dexter more robust for an arcade/production environment.  In the past, if Dexter crashed, it would pop up an unhelpful error message and one would have to power cycle it.  Not good!  This was always just a temporary measure while I worked on other features.  Now I've changed it so if Dexter crashes, it will write a log file to the USB drive and then restart itself.

FYI, Dexter crashes are extremely rare, so rare that I can't get it to happen.  But it does happen occasionally to other people so now instead of shrugging helplessly, I can have them send me their log files to help troubleshoot.  Win/win.  And since it auto-restarts, no one will have to manually power cycle the thing anymore.

Incremental improvements.. :)

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