Saturday, April 23, 2016

Control Sony LDP-1450 right from a term program

I am posting this here so that I can personally come back and refer to it later :)

Since I don't have a remote control for my Sony LDP-1450 (if they even make one), the only way to give it commands is through the serial port.

Using a term program such as "Tera Term Pro", one can easily issue seek and play commands to the player using regular ASCII.

To issue a search command to, for example, frame 12345: C12345@

To issue a play forward at 1X command:   :

To play backward at 1X: J

To query current frame number: `

To start a REPEAT loop (2 iterations) from an arbitrary frame to dest frame 12345: D12345@2@

To pause the disc: O

To turn on index (ie frame overlay and more) : P

To clear all: V

To play forward at 1/5X :   <

To still step forward: +   (backward is , )

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