Friday, April 22, 2016

Merlin-Dx update

I saw over on KLOV that people are excited for Shaun to release Merlin-Dx (Merlin for Dexter).

Just so everyone knows, Shaun is on top of things, but I am the one dragging him down.  I've been prioritizing resolving Paypal issues and shipping Dexter over doing my part to get Merlin-Dx ready for release.  Shaun can't release until I add some stuff to the Dexter firmware (free update, can be done over the internet).  So if you want to hassle anyone about Merlin-Dx being delayed, you can hassle me.  I _will_ get this done, so don't worry.  But it may be after you receive your Dexter unit.  Like I said, Dexter can be updated over the internet and all updates are free, so you don't need to worry if I ship your Dexter before I have my Merlin changes done.

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