Tuesday, August 28, 2012

OpenMAX JPEG decoder working inside Dexter code

I've successfully gotten the OpenMAX JPEG decoder working inside Dexter code, although it does not yet render to the screen (just to a buffer).  There is some extra software overhead that was not present before and this is causing it to still run too slow to play at full speed (currently 49.97 FPS and it needs to be over 60) but I still have quite a few optimizations I can apply to get it up to speed.  Here's a comparison right now using libjpeg vs hardware:

pi@raspberrypi ~/vldp-hw/src/unit_tests $ ./daphne_test_dbg.bin
Starting test jpeg1_libjpeg
Total time: 16128 ms (18.601190 FPS)
Stopping test jpeg1_libjpeg (16147 ms)
pi@raspberrypi ~/vldp-hw/src/unit_tests $ ./daphne_test_dbg.bin
Starting test jpeg1_rpi
Total time: 6003 ms (49.975012 FPS)
Stopping test jpeg1_rpi (6034 ms)

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