Monday, August 20, 2012

Belated CAX report

I had this conversation saved in my text editor so before I lose it I will post it here.  It's Warren talking about Firefox being shown running Dexter at this year's CAX (which I did not attend).

<Warren_O> I think the highpoint of the show was when Owen Rubin played Firefox, and remarked on how smoothly / seamlessly it played.
<Warren_O> it played beautifully the entire time we had it running, which was most of the show
<zaphX> No plobels at all?
<Warren_O> I think saw a few short freezes, which were probably due to the Windows 7 PC, and what looked like occasional single-field overruns (or under?)
<Warren_O> we're not sure if they were due to the game itself, or if dexter didn't process the skip commands until the next field
<Warren_O> but it played ASSOME
<Warren_O> We ran it briefly on a real VP931, and it looked crappy by comparison
<Warren_O> it did skip properly, but IIRC you could still tell that something was happening
<Warren_O> and then it crapped out :)
<Warren_O> when we tried switching discs to see if that was the problem, the lid interlock broke, so it wouldn't spin up anymore
<Warren_O> (Doug Jeffreys had fixed the interlock just before the show, so I guess it still wasn't quite right.)
<Warren_O> Unfortunately, this happened just before I was going to hook up my logic analyzer
<Warren_O> (I was finishing up soldering the passthrough adapter when this happened)

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