Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Exciting developments

First of all, I spent another 2 hours trying to get the daphne/dexter code base back up and running after breaking a lot of stuff ripping out SDL. I'm going through all my unit tests one by one and fixing them. Sure glad I wrote them.

Warren has been working on the rev2 PCB design, trying to solve the problem of using the same interface on the dexter PCB to support the LD-V1000, PR-7820, and PR-8210A. The problem is that the PR-8210A uses a few data lines for vsync and composite sync which can be provided by the LM1881 but we don't want to try to pipe them through the AVR because it would probably be too sluggish. So he came up with an idea to use four NAND gates that either output GND or nothing (open collector) to enable/disable having the LM1881 lines go directly to the female interface shared by the three players I mentioned. It's pretty clever.

Also, a fellow named Neil contacted me recently and has taken an interest in this project, particularly for the Firefox support. He brings a lot of engineering experience and has already provided some helpful suggestions on how to improve the PCB design. We're looking forward to working with him more in the future.

We're still trying to solve the problem of preventing hardware damage if some numbskull plugs an RS232 cable into the Philips VP931 port. They are _not_ compatible and the voltages on the RS232 cable have he potential for damage.

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