Monday, June 27, 2011

Trying to help Teo troubleshoot his Dexter PCB

Teo put together a Dexter PCB probably about a month ago but has not had much time to test. Last night he got far enough in his testing to notice that nothing seemed to be coming from the Dexter serial port. And he was using a USB-to-serial adapter for his windows PC. I admitted that I had never tested it with a USB-to-serial adapter but that I had one and would test.

So this morning I tested it. At nothing was working at all, but after I rebooted then things started to work. The screenshot shows what the Dexter output currently will look like when just dumped straight to a terminal program such as the one I am using, Tera Term.

So my conclusion is that Dexter will work with a USB-to-serial adapter just fine.

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