Monday, February 18, 2013

SD card write benchmark complete!

Wow, I got this working a lot faster than I thought I would.  It's nice to not have too many problems to fix once in a while when writing new code.

I was able to write 60,000 512-byte blocks in 1700 milliseconds.

That means I wrote 29.30 MiB in 1.7 seconds, for a rate of 17.233 MiB/s.  That is just _barely_ fast enough to handle an 8-bit 15 MHz ADC.  Since the one I want to use is 12 bits, I will need to use two SD cards in parallel.  But I was expecting this which is why I purchased a second SD card at the same time I bought this first one! :)

I just hope this 17 MiB/s can be sustained over 30 minutes.  I kinda doubt it can but who knows?

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