Friday, May 13, 2016

Dexter power supply problem found

I am sorry to report that we have discovered a problem with some of the power supplies which I have shipped out with Dexter.

They look like this:

The symptoms include a buzzing hum heard over the game speakers and possible lock-ups of Dexter itself where the system needs to be restarted.

Here are two replacement power supplies that I've tested and verified work much better:

This one by imbaprice and this one by TICTID.


  1. Will the dexter that where suppose to be shipped be delayed or are they still shiping?

    1. Yes, this has delayed shipping although I have tried to keep up with preparing orders. I have a large number of boxes just sitting in my home waiting for new power supplies.

  2. Have users tried installing a high value filter cap in parallel with the power supply as a work around? That should help with voltage ripple and power dropouts

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  4. I recieved my Dexter in the mail several weeks ago, & only now had an opportunity to spend some time to hook it up. My adapter is not the one pictured, but I do experience the hum in my speakers & the dexter does not boot up. I hear a couple of game noises when I power it up (a beep, a long pause & another beep, then a long pause & a boop), & some white text appears in the top left corner for a fraction of a second while that is going on. I have the Hi-tech card installed in my machine which was running my Pioneer laser disc player with the limited edition laser disc & roms. Not sure if any of those things could cause the problems, but I figured it's worth mentioning.