Tuesday, March 1, 2016

DEXTER Pre-Order period has completed! (huge success!)

The Dexter pre-order period for the first two months of this year has concluded and I have been blown away.  The final count is 307 Dexter kits pre-ordered!  That's insane!  I was thinking the final would be between 100-150 so this result has me in shock!

A few things:
- I will be keeping the Dexter page up to date with the current status of the boards as they are being produced.  Please bear with me as I get this setup as the immediate urgency is to get the parts and boards ordered.
- My initial estimate that the boards would be ready to ship at the beginning of April is likely no longer true as I was projecting a final count of 100-150.  I will post a new projected time as soon as I know one!
- I will contact customers via the email address associated with their Paypal account that they used to make the purchase.  If you want me to use a different contact email, let me know.

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  1. Can I place an order at this time? If not now, when?