Friday, July 25, 2014

Troubleshooting Star Rider :)

I hooked up my logic analyzer and my sniffer board tonight to see why STAND BY wasn't working for PR-8210A mode for Dexter rev3.  (I was successful, BTW)

See how many relevant components you can name in this picture.

For starters, there is a Dexter rev3 board, an AVR dragon, and my ultimate I/O sniffer board.  There are at least 3 other things in this pic that are of interest to laserdisc collectors :)


  1. Hi Matt,

    I Spy with my one little eye:

    A Raspberry Pi in a Clear Case
    A DEXTER Ver. 2 Board
    A Sony LDP-1450 Lasermax Video Disc Player
    and for Extra Credit, Two Empty Bottles of Kirkland Drinking Water

    So, What do I Win?!

    Yours Truly,

    Tony M Victorino

  2. You win a note of praise!

    Also in the upper-left background is a star rider boardset :)