Thursday, April 24, 2014

Remember my rant about emulator licenses?

Warren just pointed me to this link and the complaints this guy has are pretty close to my own.

Essentially, when I started on Daphne, I released it under the GPL to do a good deed to the community and hopefully to encourage some collaboration, but I was foolish enough to think that everyone on the community would Do The Right Thing and not try to profit off of my work, even if the license legally allowed for this.

My mistake.  Any future public version of Daphne will not be GPL'd which means I still have a lot of code to re-write.  Basic CPU emulators and probably game drivers will be BSD for preservation purposes (ie the research that I've done will live forever and will be free to the community), while the core rendering engine and everything else will be something that prevents strangers from profiting off my work.

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