Sunday, December 15, 2013

PR-8210 Dexter support almost done

PR-8210 Dexter support is almost done!  This is a fantastic milestone because it will (theoretically) unlock the following games: Cliff Hanger, Goal to Go, Bruce Jenner (hehehehe), MACH 3, Us Vs Them, Cobra Command (Cliff Hanger conversion), and Cobra Command (MACH 3 conversion).  Now that's a lot of games! :)

What's done:
- PR-8210 interpreter written and unit-tested
- test program written on another AVR to simulate sending PR-8210 serial data over the wire (so that I don't need an arcade boardset to test)
- dexter code written to interpret incoming pulses on the wire and correctly convert them into PR-8210 commands
- dexter code to inject VBI data into video stream (woohoo!)

What remains to be done:
- hooking up PR-8210 interpreter to Dexter
- implementing step forward/backward generic LDP command to Dexter (seems that MACH 3 and Cobra Command both use these as a substitute for pausing the disc)

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