Saturday, July 20, 2013

Working on Time Traveler in Dexter

Well, we went to my wife's family's cabin and to my pleasant surprise, they've installed DSL, which is pretty dang impressive considering how remote this place is.  Up/down speeds are about 1 megabit which is better than the dial-up I feared they had when I first heard that they had internet.

At any rate, I furtively brought my Dexter-related hardware with me on this trip (because why wouldn't you want to work on Dexter while on vacation??) and had a chance to do some work this morning while the rest of the family slept in.

I decided to try to fix the problems with Time Traveler (which basically means adding the reverse-playback commands that I have not added).  I am sure glad that I designed the .LDIMG file format with reverse-playback in mind because now it is really paying off.  It seems that if you die a few times in time traveler, it will issue a 0x4B command which means playback at 3X speed.  This is even if you don't use the time reversal cube!  And since I am dying left and right (possibly an emulation bug in Daphne), I can't play the game for very long without triggering this.

So, I am now working on adding the "play backward at 3X" command.

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