Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Soldering done, time to test

I finished soldering the little PCB.  See how it mounts on top of the Raspberry Pi's pin headers?  Some soldering is needed to connect the TX/RX pins from the Dexter AVR to the new PCB.

NOTE : This little PCB is only to make it a little bit easier to hook up the Raspberry Pi to the rev2 Dexter prototype board since Dexter's USB port does not play nicely with the Pi.  Any future revision of Dexter would connect to the Pi in a much more convenient fashion.

NOTE #2 : The resistor values are 2200 and 3300, not 220 and 330 as indicated by the PCB.

NOTE #3: If anyone wants one of these boards, it will be $2.32 for one board (I have 11 left) and $2.78 for the parts (I have 5 sets left).  Estimate $5 for shipping.  So about $10 for the whole thing.