Friday, December 28, 2012

How to create AVCHD styled media from HDV

I have a camcorder that records AVCHD (ie x264 1080p) video which I can then put on an SD card and play in my blu-ray player.  This is very handy for showing home movies to my family that I've recorded.

But what about my older HDV movies?  It is much less convenient to hook up my older HDV camera and play the digital tapes on my TV.  I'd much rather use the same SD card trick that I use with my newer camcorder.

Here's how to convert HDV videos to a format that will work on my blu-ray player (and presumably others) and also my newer camcorder.

1 - download MultiAVCHD (see for a guide) .  I am using build 771.

2 - Get the test program and install dependency libs/programs from this link:

Make sure the test program is passing all its tests.

3 - from the "Settings" tab, I used all defaults (except the destination folder).  You can mess with 64-bit x264 if you are brave.

4 - click on the "media" tab and "Add Video files".  Add your .m2t files you extracted with your HDV camera.

5 - your .m2t files should show up in a window below the "Add Video Files" button.  Select them all (might have to do this one by one) and click "Transcode"

6 - Change the "Resize" drop-down in the upper right to 1920x1080 (I had to scroll down).  UPDATE: Changing the resize default of 1440x1080 may not be necessary.

7 - The bitrate for mine defaulted to about 25000, I just left it at this default.

8 - As for quality, I've tried both "1 pass Turbo" and "2 pass VHQ" and both worked.  So if you are in a hurry, use 1-pass, if you want quality, use 2 pass.

9 - click "Apply"

10 - close the "properties" dialog by clicking "ok"

11 - click "Start"

12 - a new dialog will pop up.  Choose "TV / Camcorder (NTSC / 60 Hz)"

13 - good luck!

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