Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mode button working, MAX video chip working

If you bought a rev 2 prototype board, I have some good news for you. Everything on the board that I've tested so far works according to design. This is great news because when I had the prototype boards made, I didn't know whether they would work. It was a risk that, so far, is paying off.

Components I've verified to be working:
- USB interface to PC (works after wire swap)
- AVR microcontroller
- LM1881 (well almost)
- MAX video chip
- s-video input
- BNC video output
- LED driver chip
- LEDs
- reset and mode buttons

Components I have not yet tested:
- LD-V1000 port
- DB25 port
- PR-8210 port with optocoupler
- MAX222 IC's
- PR8210A helper IC (NAND gates)
- solid state relay

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