Wednesday, January 18, 2012

here's the parts list!

Here is a google spreadsheet showing all of the parts needed for the dexter PCB assembly.

I have also used this to create a Digikey Bill of Materials but digikey does not seem to differentiate between allowing read access and edit access (good design, digikey!) so this probably isn't something I can mass publish. I've also attempted to create a "kit" but as of now it hasn't shown up yet even though I have placed my order. If anyone with digikey experience knows how I can easily dispense a full list to people publicly, let me know. In the mean-time, you can import the google spreadsheet into digikey and create your own BOM which will allow you to remove parts you already have or don't need.

NOTE: If you don't have an AVR programmer (which most of you probably don't), you will also need to get this.

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