Thursday, December 15, 2011

Canon AVCHD 24p Pulldown Removal

So our old Canon HV10 HDV camcorder was aging and the firewire port on it doesn't seem to work anymore, so it was time to get a new camera. We got a Canon VIXIA HF M41 which is pretty awesome because it has 32gb of internal flash memory (no more HDV tape dumps via firewire port!).

So I noticed while playing with the new camcorder that it can record in "film" mode (24 frames per second). This seemed like a neat option to have if I ever wanted to make my own music videos or laserdisc-styled games so I started trying it out only to discover that Canon saves all videos at 60i for some silly reason. It can be converted back to 24p but only with some effort. Groan.

So I decided to undertake the challenge and eventually found this page. It got me most of the way there, but I was still stuck at a few parts.

Here is what I did to finally get unstuck and get wookin' (and thanks to Warren for spending time helping me with this also!) :

I had to also install the this package in addition to ffdshow (I may not have enabled something properly on ffdshow, I dunno):

For ffdshow, I did not need to enable deinterlacing (in fact I suspect this should be avoided), nor did I need to choose ffmpeg-mt (although this may speed things up and doesn't seem to hurt anything).

My AVS template needed to be modified and looks like this:

### Batch Intermediate Inverse Telecine Template
### Requires: TIVTC.dll


Also, my Batch Intermediate Creator prefs look like this:


  1. I'm trying to find my way through this and can't get my hands on the Batch Intermediate Creator anywhere. All the links I've seen are broken now. This PF24 conversion is so frustrating, I can't believe there isn't more online about it. Any advice on how what to try next? I'm trying to work through the steps on Eugenia's page here...

    But the Vegas workaround no longer works, Neoscene is no longer available to be purchased from Cineform/GoPro, and I'm trying to step through her Method 1 and I can't for the life of me find this Batch Intermediate Creator anywhere.... help!

  2. Cool... I have a Canon Vixia HMM40 and have been trying to figure out how to do this. Cant seem to find the Batch Intermediate Creator anywhere tho... any suggestions?